Non-relativistic Energy Spectrum of the Deng-Fan Oscillator via the WKB Approximation Method

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Ekwevugbe Omugbe


The energy spectrum of the radial Schrodinger equation with the molecular Deng Fan potential has been obtained through the WKB approximation scheme. The radial WKB solution yields a transcendental or an implicit equation. The energy eigenvalues for non-physical and real molecular interacting systems are presented. In comparison with the numerical eigenvalues obtained with MATHEMATICA 3.0 package, the WKB approximation method produces improved results over the results obtained with other analytical methods in the literature.

Deng-Fan potential, diatomic molecules, WKB approximation method, Schrodinger equation.

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Omugbe, E. (2020). Non-relativistic Energy Spectrum of the Deng-Fan Oscillator via the WKB Approximation Method. Asian Journal of Physical and Chemical Sciences, 8(1), 26-36.
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