Rashba Spin-orbit Interaction in Semiconductor Nanostructures (Review)

Ibragimov Behbud Guseyn *

Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In this work I review of the theoretical and experimental issue related to the Rashba Spin-Orbit interaction in semiconductor nanostructures. The Rashba spin-orbit interaction has been a promising candidate for controlling the spin of electrons in the field of semiconductor spintronics. In this work, I focus study of the electrons spin and holes in isolated semiconductor quantum dots and rings in the presence of magnetic fields. Spin-dependent thermodynamic properties with strong spin-orbit coupling inside their band structure in systems are investigated in this work. Additionally, specific heat and magnetization in two dimensional, one-dimensional quantum ring and dot nanostructures with Spin Orbit Interaction are discussed.

Keywords: Spin-orbit interaction, Rashba effect, two dimension electron gas, one-dimensional ring, quantum wire, quantum dot, semiconductor nanostructures

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Guseyn, I. B. (2020). Rashba Spin-orbit Interaction in Semiconductor Nanostructures (Review). Asian Journal of Physical and Chemical Sciences, 8(2), 32–44. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajopacs/2020/v8i230115