Synthesis of Cu2-x Ni0.05 S (x=0.05,0.25,0.30) Compounds and Study of Single Crystals

Kh. Kh. Hashimov *

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku, Azerbaijan.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In the article, considering the research studies of many scientists and also on the basis of practical applications, the distribution diagram of copper and sulfur atoms in the phase lattice of the  crystal, the structure transformation diagram, the elemental lattice hexagonal  and  crystallographic data were examined and important results were obtained. Analysis of the studies performed shows that some conflicting results in roentgenographic studies on these compounds are related to obtaining these samples by different methods.

Our goal is to obtain single crystals of the compounds Cu2-xNi0.05S (x=0.05,0.25,0.30) and draw the lauegrams and debayograms of those crystals. Then the results were analyzed.

During the research, it was found that it is possible to buy single crystals of  compounds based on the analysis of existing methods and selection of the optimal method. As a result of the research, the suitable lauegrams of the single crystals obtained by the Bridgman method and the microstructures of the samples were determined and the possibilities of application were determined.

Keywords: Crystal lattice, synthesis, combination, microstructure, debaygram, modification

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Hashimov , K. K. (2023). Synthesis of Cu2-x Ni0.05 S (x=0.05,0.25,0.30) Compounds and Study of Single Crystals. Asian Journal of Physical and Chemical Sciences, 11(3), 45–51.


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