Dependence of Quantum Decoherence on Wavelengths of a Particle in One Dimensional Box

Arijit Bag

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Biomechanics of a Bifurcating Green Plant, Part 2: Environmental Thermal Effects

W. I. A. Okuyade, T. M. Abbey

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Effect of Storage on the TL Properties of Glow Curve of Synthesis: Dy, Tm and Dy/Tm Doped CaSO4

M. Dahab, F. Khamis, D. E. Arafah

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Adsorption of Cadmium (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution onto Mango Leaves

Ahmed E. Al Prol, Magdi Abd El Azzem, Adel Amer, Mohamed E. A. El-Metwally, Hazem T. Abd El-Hamid, Khalid M. El-Moselhy

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