Revisiting Bohr’s Theory via a Relationship between Magnetic Constant and Bohr Radius of Any Element

Ikechukwu I. Udema

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Predictor-Corrector Linear Multistep Method for Direct Solution of Initial Value Problems of Second Order Ordinary Dierential Equations

S. J. Kayode, J. O. Adegboro

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Implicit Four Step Stormer-cowell-type Method for General Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations

S. J. Kayode, O. S. Ige

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Soil Surface Treatments and Moisture Characteristics of a Luvisol under Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) in the Transition Zone of Ghana

Kwabena Kyere, Kofi Agyarko, Bennete Osei Yaw, Emmanuel Kwasi Asiedu

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A Brief Overview on Chemical and Physical Aspects of Archaeological Dating Techniques and Their Applications in Dating Construction Materials and Buildings

S. P. Dunuweera, R. M. G. Rajapakse

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