Helium-Neon Laser Effects on Human Whole Blood by Spectroscopy In vitro Study

Mohammed Ali Haimid, Ali A. S. Marouf, M. D. Abdalla

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Basic Kirkwood – Buff Theory of Solution Structure and Appropriate Application of Wyman Linkage Equation to Biochemical Phenomena

Ikechukwu Iloh Udema, Abraham Olalere Onigbinde

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Effects of Li+ Doping Concentration on Structure and Photoluminescence of the Y2O3: Ho3+/Yb3+ Up-conversion Film

Min Sun, Wenbo Hou, Juncheng Liu, Lifang Nie

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Rice Husk Ash Pozzolan as Valuable Supplement in Concrete for Industrial and Domestic Applications

A. E. Duke, E. E. Eno

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