Enhancement of Solar Cell Efficiency by Using TiO2 Nanostructure Doped Fe2O3 Dye and Effect Concentration of Solvent on Optical Properties

Abubakr Mahmoud Hamid, Hassan Wardi Hassan, Fatima Ahmed Osman

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Radiological Risk Assessment of Drinking Water from Ignatius University Quarters, Rumuolumeni, Nigeria

C. P. Ononugbo, T. I. Amadi

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Synthesis of (2Z)-4,6-Diphenyl-N-((2-(Piperidin-1-yl)Ethyl]-2H-1,3-Thiazin-2-Imino Hydrochloride and its Antimicrobial Activities

Oluwaseyi Bukky Ovonramwen, Bodunde Joseph Owolabi, Amowie Philip Oviawe

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On the Mathematical Model of the Biomechanics of Green Plants

N. O. Uka, J. D. Olisa

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Low Temperature Synthesis and Characterization of MFe12O19 (M=Sr, Ca) by Solvo-combustion and Ceramic Method Using Mathematical Analysis

A. B. Borkar, B. T. Borkar, K. P. Pande, S. R. Choubey

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