The Effect of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids on the Tensile Properties of Gellan Gum/KCF Biocomposite Films - A Prelude Study

Ahmad Adlie Shamsuri, Khalina Abdan, Tatsuo Kaneko

Page: 1-10
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Coating Ag on an Anatase TiO2 Surface and Adsorption on a 3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane-Modified Al or Glass Surface

Masayoshi Kaneko

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Influence of Functional Groups on the Photophysical Properties of 1-(4-Methylsulfonyl Phenyl)-3-(4-n, n Dimethyl (amino Phenyl)-2-Propen-1-One Chalcone as Laser Dye

M. F. Attia, Abdelrahman A. Elbadawi, K. H. Ibnaouf, A. O. Elzupir

Page: 22-29
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Non-linear Stability in Transitional and Rotatory Regime of the Cooking of Gari, Food Based on Cassava Tubers

Vodounnou Edmond Claude, Djossou Ayihaou Armand, Semassou Guy Clarence, Degan Gérard

Page: 30-39
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Waste Tire Pyrolysis Product: An Alternative to Petrochemical Feedstock

Christian C. Egwuonwu, Rosemary U. Arinze, Paul C. Agbata, Vera C. Ike

Page: 40-50
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